Core technology 7.85 RK3026 dual core tablet

Rockchip RK3026 chip is cost-effective for rockchip tablet computer program core low-end entry market, bring the following core Map Technology launched the 7.85 inch RK3026 tablet, A9 dual core architecture, excellent performance, one of the 7.85 inch tablet program which is currently the most cost-effective advantage.

Under the leadership of iPad mini, 7.85 inches of the tablet began to become a new hot spot, the main sponsor of the domestic Android tablet high cost, in the low-end market has a competitive advantage. The core technology launched 7.85 inch RK3026 program will open the price of this popular tablet competition. The configuration, dual 1.2GHz frequency, 7.85 inch 1024*768 multi-point capacitive screen, 4G memory, Android4.2.2 system, the characteristics of the RK3026 scheme we are very familiar with, the ultimate price is the market of choice for this year.


Front and other 7.85 inch tablet difference is not large, narrow borders, full touch.
Native style system to support wireless screen sharing.

RK3026 is a representative of high performance dual core program.

Dual core CPU plus dual core GPU, performance significantly improved compared to the single core.
Back shell is white, black.

Side view.
Micro USB and audio port.
White back shell. Speaker section.
Support TF Card.